More new products

than ever before in the history of MASCOT
Wednesday, 12 March 2008

More new products than ever before, tomorrow’s trends incorporated in workwear and a functional updating of existing products. That is the picture in 2008 and it creates the strongest range in the history of MASCOT.

MASCOT has worked under full steam to develop new products. As a result, wearers in all industries will have an even wider choice in the new season. The common denominator is innovation in design, functions and style.

Special designs for women

Men and women are not anatomically identical. In April 2008, MASCOT will therefore launch a completely new line of high-profile workwear for women. The MASCOT® FRONTLINE series will be expanded to include comfortable workwear with perfect fit for women. The new products will be available in the four dark FRONTLINE colours. All colours include simple, discreet red stitching in prominent positions, which contributes to creating coherence when different products from the series are combined. Among other things, the new range means that a workplace with both male and female employees can achieve a uniform, professional look. The MASCOT® FRONTLINE series is created for wearers within the service industries as well as drivers, electricians and light trades.

Tomorrow’s trends in workwear

The most extensive selection of new products is found in the relatively new workmen’s series MASCOT® YOUNG and MASCOT® HARDWEAR. The crucial factor remains that the clothes must be designed to work in. Dressed in workwear from the two series, the wearer cannot help being stylish and smart at the same time. This year’s new products are aimed at wearers who want tomorrow’s trends at any time. The 2008 range includes spacious print trousers, check jackets and colourful print sweatshirts with open-ended zips. From May, knickerbockers with knee pockets for warm summer days will also be available – both print and plain, with or without contrast stitching.

Little workmen

Children who want to be workmen have not been forgotten. Super-smart work trousers, a breathable, wind and weather proof pilot jacket and a soft shell jacket will be launched in August 2008. With clothes that look exactly like adult workwear, the children can now match their parents. All the workwear features orange contrast stitching and smart pockets for all the tools. All products are designed for children, for instance with adjustable lining in the trousers and sleeves with concealed ribbed wind-proofing in the pilot jacket.

Safe in both workwear and footwear

2007 was MASCOT’s first season on the safety footwear market and already this year, it launches new safety footwear. The completely new models integrate the results of the latest research on the market. Some of the existing models have also been changed and upgraded, so that MASCOT again this year has a very strong safety footwear range. The MASCOT® SAFE series is another product group based on extensive technology. The fluorescent range has been expanded with new designs, fits and comfortable materials – all with safety certification. MASCOT therefore again offers one of the broadest safety wear ranges.
In other words, MASCOT’s range offers both breadth and depth: from head to toe, from underwear to outerwear, from traditional clothes to the latest trends, from heavy industry to light service industries, specially designed for women, men and children. You will find it all at MASCOT!