Show off your legs

in MASCOT’s Craftsmen’s shorts with functional details
Thursday, 7 May 2009

It is time to get out the summer wardrobe, and for Tradesmen, this should be possible to.

MASCOT has launched a pair of Craftsmen’s shorts in a light and soft fabric and with many functional details.

Special details are the holster pockets which provide space for different tools. With tool straps on both sides, MASCOT’s hammer holder can be placed on either side as required by the wearer. The new craftsmen’s shorts are created from fashionable designs with low waist, great fit and in a light soft fabric – perfect to air the legs on a hot summers day. A magnet sewn into the top of the holster pocket holds nails, screws and drill bits in place and if they are knocked off they fall into the holster pocket. To meet the wearers demands of durability and a long life time the shorts are triple stitched and Cordura® reinforced.

The new shorts are launched within the MASCOT® HARDWEAR range, which is intended for wearers whose daily work demands highly durable Workwear with a long life span and which is created to perform every day. A large portion of the range’s products are produced in a soft canvas with stretch effect which gives extra freedom of movement and comfort when the wearer moves around for example when out on site or out with the customer. The new craftsmen’s shorts come in different colours and can combine with, for example, polo shirts or jackets from the same range, so there are many opportunities to go into the summer in style. MASCOT’s craftsmen’s shorts are in the shops now!