Lumber shirts

for the hardworking man
MASCOT® ROCKS Shirt - 2012
Friday, 20 January 2012

Lumber shirts have found their way onto store shelves amongst workwear. A shirt with a long history and attitude.

The shirt is part of MASCOTs new series MASCOT®ROCKS which portrays a rough and ready, casual style with a twist of current fashion. The fashion-conscious craftsman who wants to give his workwear an extra edge will feel good in MASCOTs version of these lumber shirts.

MASCOT® Kingman Long Sleeve Shirt - 2012 Press

Symbolic of hard work

MASCOT has brought lumber shirts back to their original starting point - the hard-working man in a masculine universe. The characteristic squares in the shirt are historically several hundred years old, and are particularly known from the lumberjack industry in America. The shirt, a symbol of hard work, nature and masculinity, has become a recurring fad and has been part of various movements within society and culture.

Your new alternative

The shirts are made of pure cotton and therefore both comfortable to wear and suitable for many situations. Use MASCOT® Kingman as an alternative to long-sleeved T-shirts, polo shirts or sweatshirts – perhaps with a gilet on top of it – to get the complete MASCOT®ROCKS look. During the winter months you can use it indoors or as a middle layer for your outdoor clothing. In spring and summer it is ideal as outer wear on cool days.

Match this item with jeans from MASCOT® ROCKS and you're either ready to step into spring in the workplace or to a boys night out with friends.

MASCOT® Kingman shirts are in stores from February 2012.

MASCOT® Kingman shirt is 100% cotton, has a hood, red pull cord, continuous zipper and print on the left side.