Christian Lundgaard – Danish motorsports talent

MASCOT is partnering with the young motorsports talent Christian Lundgaard who currently competes in Formula 2 but dreams of stepping up to Formula 1.

Michael Grosbøl & Christian Lundgaard

Strong common values

Christian Lundgaard knows what he wants and is prepared to work hard to achieve his goal. He takes a professional approach and has a high work ethic, which means that he is fully aligned with MASCOT's values. It takes hard and concerted work to attain results.

For MASCOT, this new partnership with Christian Lundgaard is a natural next step in MASCOT's long-standing and continuous support of motorsports in Europe. Moreover, MASCOT is proud to be joining Christian Lundgaard in his journey towards achieving his dream. Simultaneously, the sponsorship deal also secures a great deal of exposure for the MASCOT brand, generating value in all the right places considering that many of MASCOT's customers have a huge interest in motorsports.

Christian Lundgaard & Race car - MASCOT® WORKWEAR Bahrain

On the new partnership, Christian Lundgaard says: "MASCOT can help me on my journey towards Formula 1 and I can help bring them greater exposure and awareness. Motorsports is a complex and technically advanced sport with a firm focus on results. It is also an innovative sport characterised by a constant need to outperform – all values that align with MASCOT's products and development, so I am confident that together we can generate great value for one another."

Christian Lundgaard & Race car - MASCOT® WORKWEAR Baku