MASCOT supports football

MASCOT is deeply involved in sport through a series of sponsorships across Europe. And that is no coincidence. Sport has the ability to fascinate and bring together people all around the world – across borders, cultures, politics and religions. Whether they are players or spectators. MASCOT is pleased to support them.

Football - MASCOT

At MASCOT, we are also very much inspired by the way professional athletes work. They go for their goal 100%. They believe in it, face the challenges, compete and follow the strategy they have set faithfully. It is very similar to the way we work at MASCOT, where we strive to make the world's best workwear. No compromises. Full focus on our goal. Maybe you recognise that from your own trade?

There are also a lot of parallels between workwear and clothing for the world of sport. Both types need to offer freedom of movement, be really hard-wearing at exposed sites and provide protection. In fact, we can see so many similarities that we have allowed the two worlds to meld together on the next pages. We hope that you like them – and we wish you the best of luck with your passion, your trade or your sport!

Football players in workwear

Football is a job with major professional pride, and this is the same for the industries that use MASCOT’s workwear. A winning mentality and lots of hard work. At MASCOT, we also work according to these values. By using football players, we can without expressing it in words, show something about durability, quality and freedom of movement. We wanted to show that, when wearing MASCOT’s workwear, you do not have to worry about what you wear. You can focus on your job.

Workwear - Football Field

Optimal freedom of movement

Football players in workwear - MASCOT

Sublime durability

Man - Football Field - Bib & brace

Comfort in every movement

Rain Jacket - Man - Football Field

Comfort in any weather

Football Field - Passion for football

Passion for football