UV Protective Clothing

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If you work outside for many hours when the sun is shining, or at times when the UV index is high there are special demands put on your workwear. MASCOT offers a wide selection of UV protective workwear that is specially designed to protect you from the sun's UV rays.

Protection against the sun's rays

At MASCOT, you will find UV protective workwear certified in accordance with the UV Standard 801. The certification gives you optimum protection against the sun's rays. When you choose UV protective workwear with this certification, you are guaranteed that the sun does not penetrate the workwear and damage your skin.

Many different styles

In MASCOT’s assortment, you will find a variety of products with UV protection. You will find everything from work trousers, bib & brace overalls, work jackets and jumpers to T-shirts, shorts and 3/4 length trousers. The UV protective workwear has the same high durability and functionality as you know from your additional MASCOT workwear. You will find, among other things, a wealth of practical pockets and features, such as holster pockets, kneepad pockets or front pockets.

Visible and safe during summer

MASCOT also offers workwear that can keep you visible and safe while protecting you from the sun's rays. For example, if you work near machines or traffic, where visibility is crucial to your safety, you may want to have a look at MASCOT’s UV protective workwear of fluorescent material with reflectors.