Logo printing and embroidery

    Are you considering having the company logo and/or the names of the employees printed or embroidered on the workwear? A visible logo on your clothes can make a big difference for the company. Most importantly, the company's recognisability increases when the employees wear a logo since they are representatives of the company and of the work they do. With a visible logo or company name, current but also prospective clients connect your business with your professionalism and service better. Logo prints and embroidery are a valuable factor of recognition for a company to go from unknown to reputable.

    Your own design - Company Logo

    Show off the workplace with company name and logo

    At MASCOT, logo printing and embroidery can be an integral part of the ordering of the workwear. Regardless of your choice of order solution, it is simple to add transfer printing or embroidery to your order since both printing types are handled in the same flow as the automated picking from the warehouse.

    Transfer printing - MASCOT® WORKWEAR

    Transfer printing

    • Good for small details
    • Good for gradual transition of colours
    • Good for waterproof clothing

    Transfers provide a sharp and detailed result with a good durability. With this type of logo printing, you can get all the colours in your logo that you want, and it is even possible to get them with gradual transition. It is not recommended to transfer print on knitwear and fleece products. On the other hand, this type of printing is very suitable for waterproof workwear.

    Embroidery - MASCOT® WORKWEAR


    • Highly durable
    • Particularly resistant to detergents and light
    • Good for knitwear and fleece products

    With embroidery, you get a nice and exclusive result that lasts for a long time. Since the motif consists of textile, the colour and the form will last even after frequent laundering and exposure to light. You can have your logo embroidered in up to 12 different colours, and there are 300 colours to choose from. Embroidery is particularly suitable for knitwear and fleece products, and it is not recommended for waterproof clothing as the embroidery needles will perforate the waterproof membrane.

    Location and size

    The products from MASCOT have ideal locations for a logo or a name. The location is defined according to the ability of the logo to last the longest and to make sure that the application of the logo does not destroy the product. The picture shows some typical logo locations on MASCOT® Dresden and MASCOT® Mannheim. Please note that these locations are not applicable to all products. Each location (on each product) sets out a maximum size for the logo, which guarantees the quality of your logo and the durability of the product.

    Work Jacket & Work Trousers - Location and size - MASCOT

    Typical locations of logos and text on MASCOT 12002-149 softshell jacket and MASCOT 12679-442 trousers. Please note that these locations are not applicable to all products.

    Solutions for each product

    It is possible to have logos transfer printed or embroidered on all workwear from MASCOT. As an example, a stretchable transfer is used on products of stretch so that the logo will remain intact when the product is stretched. Products that are not suitable for transfer printing can be embroidered. MASCOT offers printing of many different types of transfers of different price ranges. A transfer of good quality also yields a great result that lasts for a long time.

    Embroidery - FALCK

    Your own design

    There are many options when it comes to the design of the logo, and therefore, you can easily have your existing company logo applied to the workwear without changes. When the logo is digitally set up by a logo supplier and approved by you, it can be put on the clothes. MASCOT recommends that your own MASCOT distributor sets up the logo with its logo supplier and then sends it to MASCOT.

    If you have any questions or need inspiration for logo printing and embroidery, please contact MASCOT’s customer service or your local MASCOT distributor.

    Fluorescent workwear with logo

    Please note that there are separate specifications for the size of the logo when applying it on fluorescent safety workwear in order to retain any safety certification. Your MASCOT distributor can advise you much more on this.