Workwear with responsibility

    Workwear production leaves a global imprint. But we can still act responsibly. MASCOT takes responsibility for people and the environment by ensuring that most of our production and consumption is responsible. We do not have a solution to all the world’s challenges facing us humans and the environment, but we are doing our bit to get there.
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    Durability, part of the solution

    Durability is also a form of responsibility. At MASCOT, we do not compromise on our products’ wear resistance. Your workwear must be able to last a long time so that we eliminate the need to reproduce workwear quite as frequently. This not only benefits you, but also the environment, as manufacturing clothing is a widescale process.

    When you choose workwear from MASCOT, you get extra value for money as all of MASCOT’s products are tested according to our TESTED TO WORK principles.

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    Products made with care in mind

    MASCOT’s assortment includes a selection of products made from recycled materials. The world’s industries use a lot of resources in their manufacturing processes, but new resources are not in endless supply. That is why it is important to also consider pre-used materials - such as waste - which can be recycled.

    Recycled polyamide - surplus materials from textile production

    The MASCOT® CUSTOMIZED range comprises trousers and tops of which the primary material is made of recycled polyamide, which comes from surplus materials from textile production. This does not mean that used clothing has been turned into new material. Rather it is a case of surplus materials from the textile production process, such as face material, yarn and similar having been recycled into new fabric.

    Products partially made from recycled polyester

    Products made from recycled polyester turn a pre-used resource into a new one. MASCOT’s tops in recycled polyester are made from plastic waste, which is collected, broken down to granulate and spun into new threads. These threads are used to produce new textiles.

    MASCOT’s padded lining, CLIMASCOT® Lightweight Insulation, is also made from 35% recycled polyester.

    Organic cotton products

    Organic cotton is cultivated from seeds that have not been genetically remodified, and where the weeds in the cotton fields are removed manually. This method of cultivation protects both the soil and the farmers.

    Special benefits of choosing organic cotton products:

    • Organic cotton is cultivated without the use of pesticides and other harmful substances.
    • It is cultivated from seeds that have not been genetically modified.
    • Organic cotton cultivation leads to 94% fewer greenhouse gases compared to traditional cotton production.