Size Chart

Considering the functionality that workwear has to fulfil, it is important that your workwear has the right size and fits perfectly. At MASCOT we focus on the ergonomics of your trousers with the correct placement of pockets and tool straps, and on the protective clothing, correct placement of the reflectors. If your trousers do not fit properly, then they don’t sit correctly on the body and the kneepads may end up at the wrong location on the trousers. Certified safety clothing runs the risk of losing its certification if the length of the sleeves and trouser legs are incorrect as this can reduce the visibility of the reflectors.

How to find the right size

At MASCOT, the fit of the products follow the general development and fashion for clothes. If you want a traditional and spacious fit with a high waist, we recommend that you choose products from MASCOT® ORIGINALS and MASCOT® IMAGE and the safety ranges MASCOT® SAFE ORIGINALS and MASCOT® SAFE IMAGE. The products from MASCOT® FRONTLINE, MASCOT® UNIQUE and MASCOT® HARDWEAR, and the safety ranges MASCOT® SAFE SUPREME and MASCOT® SAFE LIGHT have a more narrow and modern fit.

When changing to MASCOT, it is important to take your measurements the first time. MASCOT also carries half-sizes, which ensures that you can get a size that fits you perfectly. You find the right size by taking your measurements. The measurements should be taken close to your body, as the measurements, in that way, will be closest to your own body size. To make sure the measurements are right, you have to get someone else to measure you. It is important, as it is difficult to tighten the measuring tape around your waist, which makes sure the size is correct. When you have found the size you need for your MASCOT-trousers or jacket, it is easy to order new workwear the next time. If you want bib & braces, you should just order them in the size equal your trousers.

MASCOT produces workwear for everybody, and therefore our workwear also suits woman. Some women are more slender around the waist than the hips, and therefore you have to measure your hips to get the best fit. For women, we will recommend MASCOT® FRONTLINE, as the trousers from this range is more narrow and does not have that many pockets on the legs.

Find the right workwear from MASCOT – help to the measurements

  • Take the measurements close to the body.
  • Get someone else to measure you – then you will get the optimum basis for choosing workwear in the right size.
  • The measuring tape should be wrapped tightly around the body, when measuring the waist.
  • The trousers’ length is important – especially if your workwear has knee pockets and functions on the legs.
  • Decide which fit you want your workwear to have – MASCOT’s workwear have different fits, so you have to find the one that suits you.
  • Ask you MASCOT-contact or distributor, if you have questions about choosing the right size or fit.

We will help, if you have any doubts

When we develop new workwear, we have high standards to the workwear’s functions and which standards it has to fill with you. We keep track of certifications and regulations on the workwear we develop. Do you have any questions regarding your size, fit or requirements to the workwear, please contact us and we are happy to help you choose the right workwear from MASCOT.