Building and construction

    If you work in building and construction, high visibility is paramount. MASCOT offers a wide assortment of workwear for employees in the building and construction industry, as well as contractors and other industries related to building and construction.

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    For those working on large building sites, railway tracks or carrying out roadworks, high visibility and maximum safety are crucial. MASCOT offers a wide selection of high-visibility workwear, so that you feel safe at work. The safety clothing is certified according to EN ISO 20471.

    MASCOT offers three different standard fluorescent colours: hi-vis yellow (colour number 17), hi-vis orange (colour number 14) and hi-vis red (colour number 222), allowing you to choose a colour to match your work area or your industry in the building and construction sector. Most products come with a dark contrast colour, such as dark navy, dark anthracite or moss green, placed on those areas that are most often subjected to dirt, wear and tear. The majority of MASCOT's safety products are also treated with a dirt-repelling surface treatment, ensuring that your workwear's hi-vis areas do not get so dirty as to affect your visibility in the long term.

    Three different safety classes

    The requirements for visibility vary according to industry and working environment. MASCOT therefore offer products in three different safety classes, where class 3 provides the highest level of protection. The product's class is determined by the area of reflectors and fluorescent material. The bigger the area, the higher the product's class. The class system is your guide to finding the right workwear for your job in building and construction.

    Safety footwear

    Having safe footwear is also extremely important for employees working in building and construction. MASCOT offers a wide range of safety footwear with all the right safety details needed for employees working in building and construction.