¾ Craftsmen's Trousers

    For those situations when a pair of long trousers is too warm, but you still need to protect your knees, 3/4 length trousers are ideal. MASCOT carries a wide assortment of ¾ length craftsmen's trousers, where you will get all the features you know from your long work trousers.

    A multitude of materials

    The ¾ length craftsmen's trousers from MASCOT are available in a multitude of different materials. Whether you are looking for lightweight ¾ length craftsmen's trousers without kneepad pockets or thicker 3/4 trousers with kneepad pockets, you will find them here. All of our ¾ length craftsmen's trousers are available in a variety of colours so you can pick out workwear for your particular industry and which complies with your employer's favourite colours. If you want to achieve ultimate freedom of movement, you can also find ¾ length craftsmen's trousers with four-way stretch that are durable, lightweight and water-repellent.

    Holster pockets Black - MASCOT® COMPLETE

    Room for tools

    As a craftsman, you need good pockets for storage of your tools. At MASCOT, you can get ¾ length craftsmen's trousers with or without holster pockets. With some of our styles, the holster pockets are removable by either buttons or zips so you can take them off when the trousers need to be laundered, when you get into the car, or when the pockets need to be emptied of dirt. In addition to holster pockets, you will also find back pockets, front pockets and pockets with flaps on our ¾ length craftsmen's trousers, so you can store your mobile phone, glasses and whatever you need to have close at hand. In order to lengthen the service lives of the trousers, the pockets are reinforced with extra durable materials such as CORDURA® and Kevlar®.

    Thoroughly tested products

    With a pair of ¾ length craftsmen's trousers from MASCOT, you get a pair of trousers that is 'tested to work'. It is not just a slogan, but also an assurance that your trousers have gone through a multitude of tests in both the laboratory, the test centre and on the construction sites. We do this to make sure that you get the ultimate comfort and durability with our products. Whether you are a carpenter, an electrician, a bricklayer, a painter, a plumber or work with an entirely different craft, you can certainly find a pair of ¾ length craftsmen's trousers that meets your needs.