Against chemicals

    As an employee within construction or as an industrial worker, you can be exposed to drops and splashes of liquid chemicals. At MASCOT, you can find a selection of workwear that protect against chemicals approved according to the standard EN 13034, which provides limited protection against chemicals.

    Protect yourself against liquid chemicals

    Workwear with protection against chemicals is a good investment if you work in an environment in which you are exposed to small amounts of drops and splashes of chemicals. The MASCOT workwear that protect against chemicals is suited for workplaces and environments where a risk of chemical splashes exists, but where full body protection against chemicals is not required. If your safety workwear makes contact with chemicals, it is important to instantly take off the clothes to protect your skin in the best way possible. Workwear that protect against chemicals must always be replaced in case of an accident.

    Ultimate protection from head to toe

    MASCOT’s selection of workwear that protect against chemicals is designed with downward-facing seams, so that fluids and chemicals don’t get stuck in the clothes. If you want to achieve the best possible protection, we recommend that you use protective workwear covering the whole body. In MASCOT’s assortment, you can find both one-piece suits and two-piece workwear that protect against chemicals that is certified in accordance with EN 13034. If you need additional protection, you can also find workwear and safety workwear that protect against static electricity, sparks, flames and extreme heat at MASCOT. Take a look at the full assortment of certified workwear that protect against chemicals on this site or at your local MASCOT distributor.