Hi-vis Trousers

    If you work in high-risk areas with high requirements for visibility and safety, it is important that you are dressed correctly. Here MASCOT can help. MASCOT offers a full assortment of hi-vis trousers that protect you by making you extra visible to your surroundings when you work. MASCOT's hi-vis trousers are produced in fluorescent materials that make you visible in daylight, and the trousers’ reflectors make you visible in the dark.

    Hi-vis trousers from MASCOT are available in a variety of styles. In our assortment, you will for example find work trousers, winter trousers, rain trousers, over trousers as well as trousers with CORDURA® kneepad pockets and/or holster pockets. This will allow you to easily find a pair of trousers that match your needs, regardless of the work situation and season the trousers are to be used in.

    MASCOT's hi-vis trousers have different features that make your work day more convenient. You will find trousers with convenient tool pockets that allow you to have all of your frequently used tools right at hand. Available in the assortment are also hi-vis trousers with kneepad pockets, thigh pockets with mobile phone pockets, holster pockets, magnetic closures and adjustable hammer loops. MASCOT's hi-vis trousers are available in no less than three hi-vis colours: red, yellow and orange. You can also choose hi-vis trousers with a selection of contrasting colours, so you can freely choose the colour combination that you prefer for your work.

    EN ISO 20471

    EN ISO 20471

    All of MASCOT’s trousers in fluorescent material are certified according to EN ISO 20471, which gives you visibility and safety in accordance with international standards. MASCOT's fluorescent workwear is divided into three safety classes: 1, 2 and 3. In order to achieve maximum visibility and security, you must select class 3 certified workwear. You can achieve this safety class in two ways. Either by selecting a single product with class 3 protection or by combining several products that together attain the class 3 certification.