Thermal under trousers

    Thermal under trousers from MASCOT are essential when you want to be well dressed for outdoor work during winter. MASCOT's thermal under trousers work perfectly as the inner layer, as they can keep you both warm and dry. At MASCOT, you can choose between different types of thermal underwear with moisture wicking properties so that you can efficiently get rid of moisture. Moreover, most of the underwear has insulating properties that ensure you a comfortable body temperature in the cold. The combination of insulating and moisture wicking properties ensure maximum comfort no matter your level of activity during the day. If your work requires extra protection, you can also find MASCOT’s thermal under trousers with multi protection.

    MASCOT's thermal under trousers are available in different styles and fits, and they are designed with focus on comfort and great freedom of movement. All styles are of elastic materials that fit the body well. If you seek the feeling of protection as a second skin, you should take a look at the products with multi-stretch that fit the body tightly and support in all movements. You are therefore guaranteed to find a variant that fits your needs regardless of the season in which you need to use it.

    In the assortment, thermal under trousers can be found of many different materials, each of which has specific characteristics. Thermal under trousers with COOLMAX® are both quick-drying and efficiently transports moisture away from the body so you avoid becoming wet and cold. In order to obtain an insulating effect, MASCOT uses for example Thermax®, a triple-layer insulation material that keeps you warm – also in very cold surroundings. All MASCOT’s thermal under trousers are produced in a flexible and elastic material, which provides a good fit, and that is why the thermal under trousers are suitable for both women and men.

    You can benefit from combining the thermal under trousers with a thermal under shirt from MASCOT, so you can keep warm and dry from head to toe.