High safety, good functions and excellent comfort are all key components within MASCOT's assortment of multi-protective safety workwear. No matter whether you prefer hi-vis or non-hi-vis products, at MASCOT you will find a wide assortment of certified multi-protective safety workwear for the trade you work in.

    Thoroughly tested safety workwear certified in accordance with the latest standards

    All workwear and safety workwear in MASCOT's assortment is "tested to work". This is your guarantee that all aspects of our products have been thoroughly tested, from the durability of the fabric quality to the functionality of the pockets. If you work in environments that require extra protection, look for MASCOT's multi-protective safety workwear with many standards. Among other things, you will find boilersuits, bib & brace overalls, work trousers and jackets that are all specially designed to protect you against welding, sparks, electric arcs, static electricity, heat, flames and liquid chemicals. Look for the certification that is relevant for your trade or sector when searching for multi-protective safety workwear. Many of the products within MASCOT's assortment of multi-protective safety workwear hold a number of different certifications, rather than just one. This means you are protected against many of the potential risks in the surrounding environment you work in.

    Enjoy total safety without compromising on comfort

    If you want safety in the form of visibility when selecting your safety workwear, then search for fluorescent safety workwear with the EN ISO 20471 certification. Combine the best degree of visibility possible with protection against heat, flames and chemicals. Choosing multi-protective safety workwear does not mean that you need to compromise on comfort or functionality. You will still get your regular fit and the details you are used to, as well as a wealth of functional pockets. If you want ultimate protection, then remember to supplement your multi-protective safety workwear with anti-static and flame-retardant functional underwear, keeping you completely safe from inside out.